Mama Earths Shows are blooming during Spring!

Thank you Maria for this wonderful letter of recommendation and review of my Mama Earths Kitchen Band show…..and for bringing me to your school through Tiffany from Young Audiences of Rochester



I will definitely fill in the evaluation form.  Everybody was very impressed with Susan and her show.  She had a great message, and by sharing her materials and providing background our students had already done some work on the issues she talked about and had been exposed to her music.  Maybe most important to the teachers I have talked to, she had a strong rapport and understanding of her audience.  She knew what to expect from 225 students of this age so she was able to keep them excited and involved but also could calm them down and focus them at the appropriate times.  This is a critical skill that some great performers lack and it often means that assemblies can be chaotic and overwhelming for kids.  Her ability to get her message across in an interesting way, with great music and interesting anecdotes, while keeping everyone engaged was masterful.  I know I will highly recommend her to other team leaders. 

Thank you. 



Third Grade Teacher

 Southlawn School

Rochester, N.Y.

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