Available Shows


Susie and Judd celebrating Dr. SEUSS birthday with a Hill Brothers reading show at Riverside Elementary School, Elmira , N.Y.

-.Here’s a list of my shows !

Mama Earths Kitchen Band

With John Bacon, Susie Rozler and Judd Sunshine…. songs about nature, recycling, excercise and family fun

 all shows are very interactive and encourage movement, playing, singing, laughing, dancing, answering and reacting! 

Also very Affordable!  Email me for rates..prices vary a bit for traveling  susanrozler@gmail.com

Loving Animals and Nature Show          toddler, pre k-2 up to 40 children


Homestead Show        All ages

With Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica and voice I present songs of the 18oo’s. Songs about the Erie Canal, Women’s Suffragette movement, Old Spiritual , bluegrass and country tunes, as well as fun nature and childrens songs.

Fun old time Stories interspersed and old kitchen recycled instruments for the audience to play with while we sit around the imaginary campfire! (instead of watching TV or Computers)


Erie Canal Show     all ages

Susie the Barge Deck Swabber shares stories and songs about the Erie Canal

MamaEarth’s Kitchen Band Show  (solo) 

Mama Earth’s Kitchen believes the Earth is our Kitchen ..we must take care of it and keep it clean so all creatures can have a healthy life!

Fun Songs and stories concentrate on Birdwatching, gardening, creating and keeping habitat, nature appreciation, fossil hunting, outdoor excercising.


Plenty of call and response audience participation and movement! Check out songs” Mama Earths Kitchen Band” on itunes

Susie the Singing Elf Holiday Show

Fun for the Holidays touching on winter holidays from around the world with puppets and musical merriment from Susie The Singing elf..



The Four “R”s   (can be geared to any age group or size)

This is a show about the 4 “R”s…Rainforest, Reduce , Reuse and Recycle!

Fun songs about what we can do to save our Earth. The show heightens awareness and gives the audience ideas about how they can be good stewards of our earths resources.

Recycled instruments shared. Everyone takes a serious look at changing old habits and what they can do about it! You only get one mother earth and you must take care of it!

Susie Rozler currently performs children’s shows as a solo performer and with Earth Spirit as Mama Songs, The Hill Brothers , McClure Productions ‘Great Garbage Concert’ and her own ‘Mama Earths Kitchen Band’ and The 4 “R’s show.

 Mama Earth’s Kitchen Band   is a CD and an interactive show created by Susie that uses fun songs and “hands on” elements to teach children the importance of healthy living and environmental conservation.

Songs with Reggae and African Rythyms as well as folk and country. This show features original songs and home made musical instruments for the children to come up and play.

Susie “mama earth” Rozler gives practical lessons on how kids can save the evironment by recycling as well as creating natural wildlife habitats in their own backyard

  • Susie the Singing Elf (Holiday Show)
  • Scratch ‘n Sniff Plants with a pressed flower craft to take home (workshop)
  • Instruments from around the World (workshop or show)
  • Erie Canal Show
  • Mama Earths Kitchen Band Show
  • The Four “R”s Show

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